Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘White Versicolor’

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘White Versicolor’ | ‘Hawaiian Dot’

‘White Versicolor’ is an old cultivar that has large white flowers (with a darker red center) and yellow stigma pads (a slight cream color is sometimes apparent in petals). It is similar to and often confused with the cultivar ‘White Wings’ which has red stigma pads rather than yellow. Many Nurseries have these cultivars mislabeled or confused.

Further adding to the confusion, this cultivar is also known by various names throughout the world. ‘Hawaiian Dot’ appears to be the same as ‘White Versicolor’, and is a name that is sometimes used in the United States. It also appears that the cultivar referred to as ‘Ibiza’ in Spain, could be the same as ‘White Versicolor’ ―further verification is needed. Another old Hawaiian cultivar that appears to be the same, or very close is ‘Ah Pio’ (aka ‘Hibiscus Luteolus-Solitarius’) described in Bulletin No 29 of the Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, December 1913. Recent photos from Japan of ‘Ah Pio" appear to be very close, if not identical to ‘White Versicolor’

‘White Versicolor’ is a tough, easy to grow cultivar that bears showy, large, single white flowers with a stunning red center blotch, on a shrub that grows to about 1.5m tall. Highly recommended due to its ease of growth, and stunning flowers.